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best betting sites sports,pride casino,how to play rummy card game in tamil,Nokia may launch TWS earbuds, Bluetooth Neckband on April 5

    Ankita Chakravarti     April 3, 2021

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      Nokia is all set to launch a new audio product in andar bahar game. The company has confirmed that it will launch the audio product on April 5 through a listing on Flipkart. Without revealing much about the audio product, Nokia said that the upcoming audio device is "designed to give pure sound". Hinting at its waterproof design, Nokia said that the product is designed to be used "in rain," "at crowded spots," "during working out," and "gaming". Interestingly, Nokia will drop its much-anticipated audio product days before its smartphone launch event.

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      1. The Nokia audio product has already gone live on Flipkart. Nokia has said it is introducing "audio technology designed to give you a pure sound experience" while you walk in the rain, at crowded places, while working out and playing games. Although Nokia didn't reveal what the audio product will be, it can be concluded that Nokia is hinting towards launching TWS earphones, that is water-resistant, it may also come with active noise cancelation and may come with a low-latency rate.

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          The Nokia TWS earphones could feature IPX7rating for water resistance. The Finnish company also hinted that the TWS earphones will have a comfortable fit so that they can be worn while working out in the gym or while running a marathon.

        • Previous reports had revealed that Nokia could also launch Bluetooth Neckband alongside the TWS earphones. It is likely to come with Bluetooth 5.1. The neckband will also be equipped with Qualcomm's aptX HD audio technology. The upcoming Nokia earphones will also feature a fast charging technology which and so the reports claim, can go on for 9 hours in 10 minutes of charging. Nokia is also expected to launch the audio product in three different colours including Black, Blue, and Golden. It reports are to be trusted, Nokia will launch the two audio products on the same day.

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              Apart from the audio product, Nokia is expected to launch multiple smartphones in the X-series and the G-series on April 8. HMD Global is reported to launch Nokia G10, Nokia G20 phones, and Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 phones. The smartphones are expected to cater to the budget audience and are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4-series processor.

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                  Nokia has sent an invitation for the April 8 launch event but has not revealed how many phones it plans to launch. The event would begin at 3 pm UK time (7.30 pm IST).

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